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At Max-Air Technology, we do not just sell products, we provide solutions. We help people solve problems by providing innovative automation solutions with technical excellence through personal and responsive support. We value long-term partnerships and seeing our partners grow and succeed with us.


In 1996, Emme Technology was established as an engineering, design, and manufacturing base in the heart of northern Italy, within the historic industrial district of Sesto San Giovanni.  The first products introduced were a line of specialty polymer-based quarter turn pneumatic actuators.  This quickly expanded into a full line of aluminum pneumatic actuators with patented design features that have become the industry standard for our partners worldwide.

In 1999, Max-Air Technology was founded in the heartland of the United States as the North American headquarters for sales, manufacturing, and automation solutions.  Over the next two decades, the Max-Air brand continued to expand its product portfolio and global footprint.  The strategic development of new valve and actuator lines enabled an offering of more complete automated valve solutions, and the expansion of sales and manufacturing capabilities in Italy and in Asia helped support these new products and sales.

More recently, Max-Air has embarked on new initiatives to expand more heavily into the electric quarter-turn actuation market, including new innovative accessory products with advanced communication capabilities. We intend to continue to invest in product innovation and growth in additional market segments, continually striving for innovation and to earn the right to become “The Best Way to Automate Your Process.”

Featured Products

Pneumatic Actuation


Max-Air’s full line of pneumatic control products – including our industry recognized rack and pinion actuators and scotch yoke actuators – provide cost-effective solutions for simple on/off control or more complicated flow requirements such as diverting or multi-port applications. Our patented adjustable dual travel stops provide the greatest degree of control in the industry at ±10 degrees on each end of the stroke. To complement our actuators we have a complete range of control accessories including solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners, and a wide assortment of automation hardware.

Max-Electric: Electric Actuation


Max Air Technology offers a complete and comprehensive group of 5 different series of industrial grade electric actuators to meet your application requirements (ME/MX/SE/SX and MA). The 5 lines are standard quarter turn electric actuators of industrial design offering non-failsafe, mechanical failsafe, and Supercar failsafe options. The torque ranges offered are from 310 in-lbs through 40,000 in-lbs; in a variety of voltages 12/24 vac/vdc, 120/230 vac and complete 3 phase solutions. We offer standard location and Hazardous Location rated units (CLS/DIV as well as ATEX). The line supports OPEN/CLOSE/JOG as well as Modulating controls and offers a wide array of optional custom control interfaces (3 position, SCADA, 2 wire control and many others). Manual Overrides are standard on all lines as are auxiliary limit switches and anticondensation heaters, 360 degree viewable position indicators. All units utilize ISO compliant bolt mounts and female output drives. We offer a wide array of local control options. Additionally, IP68 submersion ratings are available along with over 120 options to provide the best solution for your electric actuation needs.


Resilient, High Performance, Control, & Triple Offset Butterfly Valves w/ Exotic Alloys Options

Delta T, a brand of Max-Air Technology, is dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality valve products to the flow control industry. Delta T is focused on quarter turn butterfly valve solutions, from standard resilient butterfly valves, high performance valves (double and triple offset), control butterfly valves, as well as manual gearing, declutchable gearing, stem extensions, and chain & handwheel options. We also are well versed in tee and wye assemblies with linkage.

Standard, Midrange, & Premium Ball Valves w/ Exotic Alloy Options


E Series Ball Valves cover a wide variety of standard applications. These are quality and economical industrial ball valves. This range includes direct mount valves, as well as some manual valves to offer a more competitive price point.


Sesto Valves Midrange Ball Valves stand out from the competition with true B16.34 wall thickness, precision machining and high quality gaskets.  No corners were cut in design. Our valves are heavier because we use more material, even jumping to a 6-bolt design at lower diameters to ensure proper safety factors.


Our Premium Valves are 100% manufactured and tested in Italy so we can control our product quality and provide easy traceability. Sesto Valves offers a full line-up of floating or trunnion mounted ball valves, 3-way multi-port ball valves, fully welded ball valves and double-block-and-bleed ball valves suitable for any application ranging from standard duty to critical service, including exotic materials and superalloys.


The Best Way to Automate Your Process

In addition, Max-Air offers best-in-class assembly services and turn-key automation packages to minimize installation time and simplify project sourcing.

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